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With RF Taxi you have the right partner for your express courier shipment.

pünktliche lieferung mit rftaxi
Auch gesamtschweizerisch finden sich unsere Chauffeure zurecht, damit Ihre Kuriersendung schnellstens ankommt.
Denn seit über 10 Jahren bringen und fahren wir täglich in der ganzen Schweiz und nahen Europa, Ihre Kuriersendung
RF Taxi brings your express courier shipment quickly and safely to the desired destination.
Our drivers know their way around Lucerne and the surrounding area very well, which is why we will unload your consignment at its destination faster than our competitors.

Schweizweite Lieferung mit RF Taxi Kurier
For example, we transport around the clock 365 days a year without surcharges:

  • Documents
  • files
  • medical device:
  • medications
  • blood reserves
  • radiographs
  • flowers
  • food
  • spare parts

Everything that fits into a passenger car or trailer (750 kg).
Larger transports with a transporter are also possible on advance order.

Examples of prices for courier services from Lucerne

RF Taxi Courier Rates Price Examples
The indicated prices are valid exclusively for courier journeys WITHOUT passenger transport incl. VAT.
Price in CHF
Stadt LuzernStadt Luzern10.00
LuzernSt. Gallen280.00
LuzernSt. Moritz430.00
Should fuel prices change significantly, we will be forced to increase courier transport prices.
At the moment you get a discount of 1% for the year 2019.

Current kilometre tariff outside the example locations 1.90 francs per kilometre incl. VAT.

Thanks to the perfect communication between the driver and the control centre, we can assure you that your courier order will arrive anywhere in Europe, as quickly as possible, on time and completely. Even with new addresses, we have no trouble. We have all the technical aids currently available, both in the control centre and in the vehicle. Your courier order, safe on the road with RF

With us, we always know where your shipment is. Thanks to the modern equipped GPS software of our vehicles, we have continuous contact with them.
Call us for a location, we can tell you directly on the phone where the shipment is located.

RF Taxi has already gained a lot of experience with medical goods. For example, we transport regularly, in larger quantities, which have to arrive refrigerated, fast and completely at their destination.
We transport blood samples just as quickly from you to the desired laboratory.
Gekühlt medizinische Güter Blut Ampulle Transport

We drive perishable goods or goods that need to be cooled directly, i.e. without further interruption directly to the destination.
Don't you have a suitable cooler at hand? No problem, we'll bring one for free. (Return required)

Important shipments, defective parts, emergencies, unfortunately, do not pay attention to the opening hours of a normal company. That is why we offer an express delivery service around the clock 365 days a year.
Does a company need a spare part in a few hours because production is about to stop?
Is a lift no longer fit for travel and the spare part is not available in stock?

No problem, RF Taxi not only transports people but also goods that can be transported in vehicles.
Call us directly if you have an emergency transport: +41 41 320 18 18

Would you like to order a normal courier transport? No problem, you can also enter it online.
For example, we offer a fast delivery service for Made in Sud Luzern. Made in Sud with food delivery depends on a fast and correct service from us.

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