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RFTaxi.ch gift vouchers / prepaid cards

RFTaxi's Geschenkgutschein / Wertkarte
RF Taxi Vouchers

Our discount scale:

Loading the voucher card:

up to CHF 100.00 free 5% more

from CHF 101.00 - 201.00 Free 10% more

from CHF 201.00 - CHF 1'000.00 Free 15% more

from CHF 1'001.00 percent on request


You load your voucher card with CHF 500.00 with us. This entitles you to take taxi rides worth CHF 575.00 with RF Taxi.
Our new vouchers have arrived!

Why RFTaxi Vouchers / Prepaid Cards

Bet on RF Taxi Vouchers / Prepaid Cards. Because our vouchers are in digital version, which means that you will receive a card from us (the size of a bank card), with which you can comfortably pay in any of our vehicles without having cash with you.
The advantage is also that the amount can be deducted individually. No minimum amount or the like is required to complete the transaction. With our competitors, it is usually the case that they still provide paper vouchers and fixed amounts are printed. For example, trips such as 18 francs are not payable unless you still have money with you. However, if you give 4 vouchers of 5 francs each, you lose 2 francs.

With us, individualization is possible thanks to the technical possibility.

You also always have the complete overview, you can always ask the balance of the card by phone or in all taxi's and you can query it yourself online if you want.

Have you lost your voucher / prepaid card? No problem, report this immediately, by phone or online. Just enter your name or voucher number so that we can block your personal card. The credit is secured from this time and we issue you a new card, of course with the credit, which was available at the time of blocking.

Please note that a new card will always be sent to the address you have provided.
If a card is blocked and you would like to have a new card sent to a new address, this is only possible with proof of identity, otherwise there is a risk that the card will end up in third hands, which you certainly do not want.

Order your desired voucher right here
Order voucher
Buy voucher here
Immediate availability
50.00 CHF
Voucher Recharge
You have the possibility to top up your existing voucher (prepaid) card. Select the desired amount and enter your voucher number when ordering. As soon as the payment has been received, the amount will be credited.
Immediate availability
50.00 CHF
Would you like to know the balance of your gift voucher / prepaid card?
Here you can directly check your credit online!

Click on the link to open a new window. All you have to do is enter your voucher number which can be found on the back.
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