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Taxi drivers are not employed Self-employed (taxi centres)

As confirmed in a federal court ruling, taxi drivers who are connected to a taxi control centre are not self-employed.
The taxi company now has to hire the taxi drivers and pay several thousand francs in social security contributions every year.

The taxi driver:
A taxi driver who is employed receives a monthly salary. As a rule, he owns the tip and earns a few francs more from a certain turnover.
A taxi driver who is connected to a central office does not receive a monthly salary, which means that he bears the full earnings risk. Nevertheless, he has to make an additional contribution to the taxi company and thus loses even more of his turnover. Of course, there are also taxes, transport charges, insurance and social security contributions. Most of them can therefore no longer afford to be insured correctly. This means that the SNB is generally completely absent.

Now for the verdict:

- The chauffeurs receive a constant monthly wage
- The chauffeurs are entitled to at least four weeks paid holidays.
- The chauffeurs are "well" insured under social law even in the event of accident or illness
- UBER must also hire the chauffeurs (future) therefore an equal treatment is created

- Taxi prices could rise, as the head office also has to pay its part of the social insurance (half AN / AG).
- UBER is also likely to have to raise prices

See the court ruling

UBER Pop Service is discontinued

The controversial UBER chauffeur service will be discontinued as of 01.01.2018.
It was about the offer UBER Pop.
Uber Pop, was one of the cheapest transport service providers in Switzerland.

In Zurich one could already drive for a few francs, which would have cost 30 francs with a regular taxi or 20 francs with normal service.

For this, the transport service was dependent on people who travel cheaply.
There came private people to the assistance, for this reason the service was also undisputed.

Private taxi drivers? who don't have to have a taxi exam? No proper insurance for the vehicle? No city exam?
This question was often asked by an official taxi driver, because exactly these are big deviations from the federal laws.

A taxi driver needs a taxi check code 121 on his driver's license. Attention here is to be noted this test does not indicate the local knowledge of the driver. This test only gives the driver the right to act as a taxi driver throughout Switzerland.

The insurance for taxi vehicles is usually 1.5 to 2 times higher than if a vehicle is privately insured. What's the matter with you?
The vehicle of a taxi is not insured so highly because it causes more accidents, but because you as a customer must be insured according to the law. medical expenses, lump-sum death benefit, etc. Are some higher secured, than in the private vehicle.

The city knowledge examination is also an addition that the chauffeurs have to take care of. However, it is not a constraint. As a rule, only those taxis that have passed the additional examination are allowed to stand in the public places where city examinations are required.
These chauffeurs know "better" than the others.
An unlicensed taxi (without a city check) may then only pick up someone in the city on order.

A city test is also only recognized for the respective city, this also means that these drivers are not well versed in other places (Agglo's). Lucerne, for example. Stadtkundepr├╝fung Luzern, only the municipal addresses are checked, what is surrounding is irrelevant. Kriens, Horw, Meggen, Ebikon, Adligenswil and Emmen are already no longer part of the City of Lucerne's remit.

Lucerne taxi drivers go to court 15.04.2017

Lucerne taxi drivers who have not been granted a permit in the public tender will go to court with the city of Lucerne. By 15.04.2014, 25 lawsuits had already been filed with the competent court.

See below the video of the affected taxi drivers from Lucerne and the opinion of the City of Lucerne

New taxi regulations in Lucerne as of 2018

Lucerne, as the first city in Switzerland, has for the first time publicly advertised taxi stands. 40 independent drivers and 10 taxi companies were granted permission to wait for customers at around 50 taxi stands in the city of Lucerne. According to the city of Lucerne, approximately 220 applications were received for these taxi ranks. However, the city of Lucerne was only able to issue 100 permits.

UBER tricks authorities with secret software
With a secret software Ueber can avoid police controls, as well as exclude officials as customers. This is to protect Uber from unpleasant competition and/or police controls. According to the New York Times, Uber collects data on officials to mark them as employees of the city.

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