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General Terms and Conditions for Travel

§1 Payment of the trip

Payment must be made at least 7 days before departure. A travel along, can only be approved if the payment confirmation is shown to the chauffeur on the day of departure.
Alternatively, you can book the trip directly online and pay via Paypal and credit card.

§2 Conditions of withdrawal:

In the event of cancellation of a booking, we charge a lump sum of 30 francs. The amount is valid for a complete booking. We do not offer travel cancellation insurance. Please ask your insurance company if you are already insured. Alternatively there are unique travel cancellation insurance Packages e.g. with Post.ch

Cancellation for day trips:

20 - 15 days before departure 20% of the package price
14 - 8 days before departure 40% of the package price
7 - 0 days before departure 80% of the package price

Cancellation of travel for longer journeys: (travels)

30 - 22 days before departure 10% of the package price
21 - 15 days before departure 20% of the package price
14 - 8 days before departure 40% of the package price
7 - 0 days before departure 80% of the package price

§3 Liability of RF Reisen

We are liable for a smooth execution of your journey. However, we shall not be liable for reduced performance due to errors by service providers, strikes, fault on the part of the tour participant or force majeure. Liability is limited to direct damage, i.e. the direct occurrence of a problem. Maximum, however, of the package price booked by the participant.

§4 Insurance

You are insured with us as a passenger in the vehicle. In the event of an accident or fall, you are insured with us. If something should happen outside the vehicle, you are not insured by our insurance company and may have to take out a foreign insurance policy with your insurance company or health insurance company.
Your luggage is insured as long as it is in the vehicle. Outside of this, the traveler's policy may have to be adapted.
Our insurance does not provide for an extra return journey. A return journey by the participant must be paid separately.

§5 Change of programme

We reserve the right to change programs or single mentioned products, as well as services online and also in the brochure or flyer. Should additional costs arise as a result of unforeseeable circumstances, these shall be borne by the tour participants.

§6 Refund claims

Should a participant have any complaints, this must be reported immediately to the chauffeur. However, the chauffeurs are not entitled to promise the participant a refund or any other payment. Only the company can accept claims or not. Requests for reimbursement must be sent to us in writing and registered at the latest 2 weeks after return (RFTaxi.ch GmbH, Hirschengraben 19, 6003 Luzern), otherwise the claim for damages expires.

§7 Price adjustment

Should prices change in the course of a year, which we cannot be held responsible for (e.g. higher road charges, fuel surcharges etc.), we reserve the right to adjust the prices at short notice.

§8 Implementation

The trips, especially day trips outdoors, are carried out in all weathers. Minimum number of participants 8 persons. We reserve the right to cancel a trip if the trip cannot be carried out due to war, force majeure, etc.. A trip that does not meet the minimum number of participants will be carried out after consultation by the travellers, possibly nevertheless, provided that all participants agree to travel in a smaller bus (7 seat minivan) If the travellers can not agree, the already paid amount will be refunded in full. A voucher can also be issued on request. This can be used as taxi rides or travel.
There shall be no further damages.

§9 customs

Participants are responsible for carrying their travel documents, passport, ID, alien's identity card, etc., as well as for complying with imports and other customs regulations. A return due to missing documents must be organized by the participant himself.

§10 Seat allocation

Seats are automatically assigned after booking. If you have special wishes, e.g. if you feel unwell in the rear compartments, please note this when ordering. A change on the day of travel is no longer possible. The allocated seats are valid for the entire duration of the journey, i.e. on the return journey the allocation is exactly the same as on the departure.

§11 Tips

Tips are welcome to be given to the chauffeur. We're not going to collect the tips. The tip belongs entirely to the respective chauffeur. The tip is not included in our benefits.

§12 Approaches on the route

We like to drive to different places of boarding. Please take the respective access option from the order form. Be punctual, our chauffeurs as well as the accompanying passengers thank you.
A non-appearance at the respective pick-up place has the consequence that the fare must be paid to 100%, and/or no refund demand exists. Our holding time at the respective points is 5 minutes.

§13 Place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Lucerne. Swiss law is applicable

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